about a boy…


what do you see

in me

he said

real late one night, tucked in my bed

and i pierced him with eyes black as night

he met my gaze

eyes sad, yet light

and i replied with all my might

‘money and fame, they come and go.

and what remains but heart and soul?’


vacant stools

drunken fools

it’s tuesday night

we break the rules.

the band plays on

our secret song

he strums my heart strings

all night long.

a subtle wink.

such blatant kink

the girls line up

to send a drink.

a beau and arrow

sends her sorrow

leaves her wounded

like a sparrow.

jaded perspective

i’m unaffected

i own all that which

i’ve selected.

chosen plight

surrendered fight

i pay my tab

and say goodnight.


what is it that draws me to

all the things i always knew

i should never want

but always do?


how quickly she finds her tide turning

from indifference to hungry yearning

first lovers then friends

and then back again

once more at the corner where they began.


he could offer me

the moon and stars

a house shining by the sea

but what’s it worth

if it’s all rehearsed

and has little to do with me?


(i saw this old blue piano…and it played damien rice)

what you is

and what you aint

matters little

to the purest love

neither brightened by your layers of paint

nor diminished by your lack thereof.


oh what vinegar you spit

such a quiet force behind

each and every little hit

and you tell me

does such contempt use up your wit?

cos that’s an awful lot of breath spent

for someone who doesn’t give a shit.


to be heard

and understood

to take the ugly

and make it good

to take the dark

and make it clean

to get across

just what you mean…



dip your toe in

but you should know

it’s swim or sink

hot or cold?

what do you think?

fast or slow?

hard or soft?

but you should know

the lifeguard is off.


i fought fire with fire today

and silenced you

said things you never dreamed i’d say

but you always knew

and “it was by the grace of me

you never knew what i could see”

but today you learned

and i too, got burned

and now, i find

that i’m

just as guilty.


it’s packaged very well he mused

but i can only speculate

on his choice to hesitate

to comment

on the content.


no lyric was ever written

no tune was ever hummed

no heart was ever smitten

and then turned around and shunned

without a bit of poetry…


i don’t write poems about you

‘cept when i slip up from time to time

and i don’t wonder bout what you’re up to

a different girl, a different rhyme.

i barely noticed what he bought me

i’m not impressed by what he spends

in case you’ve wondered he hasn’t caught me

in that web of silk he deftly spins.

i won’t assume that song’s about me

although i watched it come to life

but i’ll remember how you gave it sweetly

and then took it back later that night.

and it won’t go to my head

i’ll hold it in my heart instead

but i can’t promise should you ever knock again

that i’ll still be here in the end

i might not be here in the end.


i wear my armor well you know

it’s rare that you’ll view it brown

i’m not great at the show and tell you know

it doesn’t help that you shoot it down.


you push, you pull

i love, i hate

a stoic, a fool

too early, too late

what pride, such shame

so cool, so hot

a battle, this game

he’s released, she’s caught.


one day

i’ll run away

in my travel trailer built for two

or perhaps intended for one

and some solitary fun

and i’ll park it by

the deep blue sea

and put out the sign

“no vacancy”.


you’d take a rusty blade you said

and trim a bit of neck fat

you wallow in the shade

’bout dead

for you, a minor setback

you’ve resumed the chase i hear

and now you’ve got her running

i can see it in her face, the fear

she’s so soft

but you’re so cunning.


don’t pigeon hole

or assign a role

no madonna nor a whore

with just blood and soul

(i am mostly whole)

smidge of fire at the core.


we get in

our own way most days

back and forth we pace

saving face but staying in place

and i might have been a little bit good for you

had you just shown me what to do… to see it through.


there’s but a shade of difference

between me and you

you see value

and i see hue.


so i took that sketch you gave to me

and tucked it away with care

but when i went to retrieve it

i just couldn’t believe it

it simply wasn’t there.

so i ran out to the street

in just my blistered bare feet

only armed with candle light.

as the value it holds

well, it needn’t be told

either way, i would have searched all night.

(but i found it.)



what a splendid state i’m in

and what is a bruise

but a bit of lifeblood

brought to the very surface of the skin?


oh throw it out
throw it all out
the metaphors and simile
and above all else, the irony
and what is right
and what is wrong
and what is verse or prose or song
yes cast it out
cast it all out
all those things you think you know
(and all those lies told just for show)
as you must start with completely nothing
if you are ever to truly claim anything…


to glide along the surface so unanchored

carried only by the wind

i’ve challenged the plank

to take on the horizon so completely open

renders everything sacred but nothing sacrosanct.


there exists a lovely balance

in most the things we make

there’s so little push and pull

but quite a bit of give and take

i’m up

you’re down

i get lost

you come around

if i’m hard

then you’re so soft

and i catch on

where you left off.


your heart broke in your sleep

you said

and woke you in the night

her love

you couldn’t keep

you said

you couldn’t bear the fight

you’re back up on your feet

you said

you no longer feel the pull

and you won’t miss a beat

you said

you’ll keep your dance card full.


there exists a lovely swell

barely on the brink of crashing

i know it all too well

yet still,

dare pray it’s everlasting.


i’ve never seen a sorrow more authentic

nor have i ever witnessed it run so deep

as we stood there soaking in the aftermath

his father leveled as he watched him weep.


i see

a sea of faces

and places

bleed into places

our night

is not so different

nor the emptiness that comes with it.


“your speech has a certain rhythm and flows a bit like lyric”

she didn’t know he had it in him

but now, so glad that he could hear it.


to delight in being weightless

(such the opposite of force)

is to relish being faultless

regardless of your course.


“yeah, i could see it”

she said

“he talks like you. and reads between the lines”

“with nuance,”

she said

“and such subtle clues. there’s so little that’s clearly defined.”







i was reminded today

as i looked at you

what is and isn’t for show

and the words that you say

so authentic and true

you’re the best

i’ll ever know.


you needn’t convey

what your eyes give away

your face, it betrays your mouth.


pen in pocket

paper in hand

my mind as open

as the land

just a watchin ants

as they scurry in sand

yeah, i’m much too content to write today…


something’s wrong with the world we’re in

when great is bad

and joy is sin.


the deepest valleys unexplored

rest far below the highest peaks

the middle ground, so still between them

is the elusive realm i dare not reach.


the fog, it settles in

and yet, not dense enough to hide

what’s veiled beneath the surface

just out of reach of light.


you give me a topic

and i’ll give you a poem
that praises your virtue
your very own tome
that spills out my heart
and appeals to your soul
that tears you apart
and yet, makes you feel whole
that fills in the voids
and lights up deep dark spaces
that quiets the noise and secures your good graces…


i’ve got words for days

all locked up
in my house of glass
and they bury me like bricks
once rescued
from an unsteady foundation
(ivory tower just out of reach)
we tend to hate our weaknesses
and i’ve got words for days.


i’m floating and

i’m free

there are no chains
tied to me
i could practically
get up and go off
i’m timeless
i’m unbound
and won’t you
hold me down?
as i worry
i might vanish
into thin air..


i wrote lines so cold last night

they froze the shadows on the wall

the landscape, stark, pristine and bright

well i hardly noticed it at all.


the spider crept along the ledge

and then spun her web of silk
the serpent slithered through the hedge
in pursuit of his next kill
the bat broke free from the weeping limb
to perch proudly on the roof
but then the raven came
and claimed them all
with one fell and graceful swoop.
i’ve been writing words
biting words
fighting words
what spiteful words
and i’ve been on the run
on the bound
lost and found
now on the mend
that’s all, the end
now begin again.


i’ve sent you a tale
that transcends the vast ocean
to grab you and hold you
and uplift your emotion

and it’s tucked in a bottle
and sealed with a kiss
and it states that i need you
and it’s you that i miss

your night may be lonely
your day much too long
but tomorrow you’ll rise
renewed, bright and strong

and inspire all the people
with peace hope and love
as this life that you’re living
is the stuff dreams are made of.


4 Responses to “about a boy…”

  1. Jordan February 4, 2011 at 12:59 am #

    Appreciated, truly. Thanks; )

  2. Darrell March 2, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    Number 16 is my Favorite !! It could be about a girl too !!

    • seekingnicci6 March 2, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

      thank you, Darrell. actually, a lot of these are universal i think. i am glad that you can relate to this one in particular. it is one of my favorites that i’ve done. i wrote it a while back but only gave it away recently.

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